FACE: Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

When your face scrub smells like sweeties… In particular ‘Love Hearts‘ what are you going to do? 
Well obviously my dear I’m going to use it on my face and try very very hard not to eat it! #thestruggleisreal

I’m a fan of Sukin products have been for  a while, I especially love their foaming cleansers which I have written about here.  During an inpromptu visit to Holland and Barratt I find this little gem…

To put it simply, this is a really nice facial scrub, not just because of the scent!  It is sulphate and paraben free – which I know, I know nearly ever product these days claims to be “free” of this and that …because it’s just cool right? however after using this product my face doesn’t feel stripped of natural oils and feels really refreshed.

It’s a beady little scrub (jojoba beads and ground bamboo to be exact), whilst I know facial scrubs can be harsh on the skin if over used, I only use mine once a week.  The beads do appear to help lift the invisible layer of weekly grime from my skin.

Why is it called ‘super greens’ well this facial scrub is packed full of my faves – Kale, Sprulina and Parsley.  Yep that’s right the same stuff you’d add to a green smoothie!! 

Here’s the info on the back of the product packaging:

Everything about this products makes me happy – the scent, the packaging, the colour of the packaging, the ingredients.  Well done Sukin your on to a winner with this one! 

N x


FACE: Mrs Frisbees All Naturals Facial Wash

So Im going to get straight to the point.  I have a love / dislike relationship with the Mrs Frisbees All Naturals Facial Wash.   

 I have been using this product for little under two weeks now, and purchased it from Amazon at the cost of £8.

However I find that everytime I use the facial wash which has been twice a day…. I either wince or better still hold my breathe momentarily to prevent breathing in the scent.  In my personal opinion it’s just that little bit too over powering and strong almost to the point that I most likely wouldn’t purchase it again despite feeling that the product has been an absolute dream in cleansing and cleaning my face without the stripping feeling.

The product contains roman chamomile and sea buckthorn oil.  Sea buckthorn oil is known from its healing and rejuvenating properties whilst chamomile is known for its calming properties… However I just can’t get passed the scent.  Normally I actually like the scent of chamomile, however with this product it is completely over taken by the sea buckthorn oil! 

That said, the product comes nicely packaged.  Dark blue plastic bottle which is great for natural products and helps to reserve their life span, and on the bottom the expiry date is also printed.

Whilst this product didn’t quite suit me, there are others in the range of products by Mrs Frisbees, so maybe in the future I’ll try something else with scents that I much prefer.  I’ll keep using this facial wash (with a washing peg on my nose) until it’s used up – as I don’t believe it waste.  

I’d be interested to hear if you have tried any of the other products from Mrs Frisbees range …Are there any that you can recommend?   

Thanks for reading…

N x

FACE | Super Facialist By Una Brennan Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

During the winter months I switched up my skin care routine and introduced a new skin care ‘friend’ into the fold.  

This new ‘friend’ being the Super Facialist by Una Brennan, Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil.


This stuff is seriously a miracle in a bottle! 

Cleansing my face with an oil means I’m not stripping my skin of its natural oils and also whilst using this cleansing oil it does a good job of almost melting the makeup, making it so much easier to remove but gentle at the same time. The cleansing oil contains olive oil, grape seed oil and rosehip oil together with rosemary, vitamin e and cucumber oil. 

I use it with an already damp face straight out of the shower, and gently work a pea sized amount of the oil into my face with circular motions, I do my eye area last so as not to spread eye makeup all over my face. 

Then with a warm damp face cloth or muslin cloth, I remove the cleanser with gentle sweeping motions. Once done my face feels fresh and smooth.

The scent of the oil is a combination of sweet/citrus and not too over powering.

Now this stuff lasts AGES! I have been using it day and night for well over a month and at around £10 per bottle it is well worth the ‘cleanse per pound’.  It’s was definitely worth a repurchase I have picked up another bottle to see me through Spring and definitely worth sharing how great I think it is!

What products are you using to nurture your skin just lately? Feel free to share! 

 Thanks for reading ….

N x

FACE: Ultimate Plum Palette by MeMeMe Cosmetics

Back with another makeup review, it’s been a while right?

I had planned on posting this sooner however I am battling with the elements at the moment or lack there of …. Winter and limited natural daylight!

I was very recently sent the new *Ultimate Plum Palette by the lovely people at MeMeMe Cosmetics.


I have written about MeMeMe cosmetics in previous posts here and here.

To say I was eager to try this palette would be an understatement!


First impressions of the packaging are good. The palette comes packaged in a cardboard sleeve and the palette itself folds out in the conventional way. The palette is supplied with a double ended brush, the brush has synthetic bristles. I will be honest, I didn’t use the brush, just a personal preference to use brushes I’m used to, so I can’t comment on how well the brushes fair – note to self to try it next time around. This brush would come in handy for travel due to it being double ended – one side to apply colour the other for blending, it would save you from needing to carry extra brushes with you.

Saturday was the first opportunity I had to have a play with the palette.

Here are a few swatches of the colours.


There is a good array of colours, a shimmer nude, plum and purple matte and sparkly colours and the very dark black – perfect for the ultimate smokey eye.

Speaking on behalf of my darker skin toned ladies – you don’t have to apply lots of product to get a good finish, I can say the colour pay off is extremely good, very pigmented a little goes a long way.

I tried a really quick makeup look on Saturday morning.

In my household Saturday mornings tend to be controlled chaos tripping over toys followed by a trip to dance class with kiddo, the point here is I found the palette quick and easy to use the colours blend extremely well.

Here’s the make up look I created.


Being conscious of it being the daytime, I wasn’t going to a dinner party but more so a family day out (we had dreaded Christmas shopping to do after dance class!) I went for presentable subtle daytime look using the first four colours in the palette.

What I like most about this palette, the colours seemed to last well throughout the day. There was some wear however after four hours of Christmas shopping it didn’t look worn or washed out.

The palette usually costs £15 however at the moment it’s on special offer at £13.50, whilst this is a very modestly priced palette in my personal opinion you do get a good quality product for your money.

I plan to do a few more makeup looks soon and will definitely be incorporating the Ultimate Plum Palette.

Have you tried the Ultimate Plum Palette – what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading ….

N x

*Product sent to me to review, my opinions are honest and my own

FACE | MeMeMe Cosmetics

I dabbled a few weeks ago with a purchase from MeMeMe cosmetics. Not a brand I would have normally gravitated to before, however I had heard of them as brand through receiving a nail polish from a beauty box subscription that I used to be signed up to.

I was invited by MeMeMe to learn more about their products and also offered a 20% discount code.

Being inquisitive by nature and as the price point on the items were well priced I decided to snap up a few items that I liked the look of.

Tangled Ivy Dew pot – I love this colour! The dew pot really gives a great colour pay off, with a smooth and creamy finish.


Fire Eyes Quad – I have mixed feelings about this quad. Whilst I love the colours as their so unlike any eye colours in my collection, I was a tad disappointed with the finish. Not as pigmented as I would have like, as a WoC I did find I had to apply lot of the light bronze shade to get the finish I wanted.


Oh I’m in love – and this lipstick colour gives me life! This colour is called Berry Crush (exhales) it is beautiful…..it has iridescent shades of blue within its formulation of Shea butter, which really helps to lift the colour. The lipstick provides a smooth, satin and glossy finish once applied.


I have given the Quad and Dew Pot a try in the picture below:


All products that I purchased above came to £16 including delivery…. Bargain!

MeMeMe were also at the FABB Event I attended, where they gave out some superb goody bags!

Here’s what I received:


I have not tried out all items yet, but I am steadily making my way though!

I have given the Enriched Moisturising Face Base* a few tries…


This product doubles up as a face cream and primer (base) for your makeup, and really does help with allowing makeup to adhere to the skin well, it also gave my skin a more smoother appearance. The smell of the product is very zesty, it contains scents of lemon, orange, lime and mandarin. The product is made up of Beta- Carotene, Shea and Vitamin A which the description says helps to “rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate the skin”. It has a non oily, smooth and mattifying feel you really don’t need a lot. This cream doesn’t claim to be all the way natural – which is what I try to look out for and use – however as it was given to me I shall probably use it more so on occasions, rather than everyday where I need a ‘stay put’ makeup face as it’s definitely good for helping makeup keep it’s lasting power.


I have given the Blush Me blusher* a little swatcher-roo, whilst it’s a very pretty colour, I did have to apply quite a bit for the colour payoff your seeing in the picture. On first impression this blusher may fair better on lighter skin tones than myself – however I stand corrected until I give it a real try.


Twilight Bliss Dew Pot* again a lovely product consistency, so far I have only swatched it. I can imagine this will look lovely on a dark smokey eye look to set a bit of a contrast.


Yes! I was so pleased to receive this colour – Ruby Red, as when I ordered the products mentioned above I was torn between this colour and Berry Crush. I really love the finish of these lipsticks – versatile enough that I can wear it with a super shiny finish or can opt to blot it to give a non drying matt effect lip. I wore this lip colour over the weekend and the lasting power was great, I didn’t need to reapply and still had a good 50% of colour left on my lips by the end of the evening.

Of all the products I would say the Berry Crush, Ruby Red lipsticks and the Tangled Ivy Dew Pot are my favourites!

If there are any products you like the look of MeMeMe have again been so generous to offer another code: mememe25 – Valid from the 1st November to 30th which gives an amazing 25% off their full range. Put the code in once you are at basket.

If you have tried MeMeMe cosmetics before which ones are your favourites?

Thanks for reading ….

N x

* denotes PR Sample, all views are my own

FACE | G.Baldwins Natural Skincare – Review

Ok so I’m not sure what planet I have been on, and how on earth I hadn’t found out about – G.Baldwins & Co before….I’m just glad I know now.

I am always keen to seek out companies that sell natural skin care due to the long term benefits they provide.

G.Baldwins & Co has an online store and a store in London, which happens to be one of the oldest and most established herbalists. They sell their own products as well as an extensive list of other natural skin care brands, aromatherapy oils, supplements, food, drink and household items – so it’s on my must visit list for when I’m next in the capital!

I’m giving a couple of items a try to assist to my recent woes of my problematics skin.


Pomegranate, Bilberry and Rose cleanser* with White Clay, Papaya and Passion Seed Oil.


This cleanser is very rich and very creamy, you only need one pump which you work into your face before removing either with a warm cloth or by washing off with warm water. On the bottle it confirms the ingredients are a blend of kaolin ( which happens to be great for acne, inflammation and has been used by many for years), papaya and extracts of red clover to assist with removing daily face grime, excess oils and makeup to leave the face radiant and bright – I have high hopes! Once the product is removed my skin is left with a moisturised feel and so hence the next product is appropriate with helping to remove any residue.


Pomegranate, Bilberry and Rose Floral Waters* with Cucumber and Aloe Vera.


Essentially this is a clear water like solution which I use after removal of the cleanser. With a little applied to a cotton pad, I apply to my face with a gentle sweeping motion. On the bottle its confirms the ingredients are aloe vera juice, extracts of cucumber and organic witch hazel which is supposed to leave the face feeling fresh and naturally moisturised. I can say it does I also experienced a slight tingling sensation after use the first time around.


Both products smell absolutely heavenly!  I really love the smell of Rose in skin care, and find that both products do well with not being too overpowering, it’s just more of a luxurious spa like scent.

The packaging is different to a lot of brands out there at the moment, it’s very distinctive and really sets them apart from the rest and really looks great in my bathroom.

It’s very early days for me using both products, in the first few days so far I have had no negative effects.

As you have become customed to, I will share a Part 2 post in a couple if weeks time to let you know results on my skin and my final feelings of both products overall.

If you have visited G.Baldwins & Co either in-store or via the website, I would love to hear what your favourite products are?

Thanks for reading.

N x

*Products were sent to me for review, opinions are honest and my own.

FACE: Seventeen Falsifeye HDI Mascara – REVIEW

I think I’m about overdue to write another mascara review…

So here it is…


I was all set to write about the Seventeen Falsifeye HDI mascara (by Boots) to tell you how awful I initially thought it was, however days after using it my opinions have somewhat changed.

Here’s my before eyelash deprived pics:



Here’s how my eyelashes look after I have used the mascara – Boom! 



So for the first few days of using the mascara, I can say I wasn’t that impressed I thought the wand bristles were too short and didn’t do well to grip and coat my short eyelashes. 



Days after I think it’s doing a good job, this may be due to the fact that I feel the mascara needs some time to ‘wear in’ and for the formulation to thicken up a little through use.

The mascara cost me £4.99 to buy, this was the introductory price. I think it will probably cost a few  pounds more, maybe in the region of £6-7 once the promotion ends.

I’m not sure if I would buy the mascara again, main reason being for the time it took for me to feel happy with its results.

The mascara does do a good job at extending the look of the lashes, however I do feel I needed to build up to this with a fair few strokes of the wand to get the ‘Falsifeye’ or ‘HDI’ effect… Which if I’m in a rush takes this busy working mama time, time which is so precious in the morning – no bueno! 



Maybe for those blessed with longer lashes it may suit you better – Does it, let me know? 

Thanks for reading…

N x