FACE | Fashion Fair Sensuous and Divine Pink

Just a quick post to share my love of two new products which have recently been added to my makeup collection, thanks to the lovely Fashion Fair Cosmetics.

Here’s what I received…


*Divine Pink Blush – A gorgeous candy pink coloured blush. Whilst it’s super pigmented it’s very versatile with how much or little you want to use. I have been using this pretty much daily since I received it. The finish on this blush really leaves a smooth finish and it’s also super long wearing, by the end of the day the blush is still present on my cheeks rather than looking washed out. I’m a big fan of this blush!


*Sensuous Pink Lip Teasers – A very light coloured pink, which by itself is a little too pale for my complexion however I do feel it works better on me when paired with another lip colour. It’s has a distinct pink shimmer due to small glitter particles which are small and not offensive. The scent of the product reminds me of my childhood … Who remembers cola bottles?


I created a makeup look using these products.

If you are a fan of Fashion Fair feel free to share some of your best recommended products.

I was sent the products as part of a giveaway during October. The giveaway was to support awareness of the charity Breast Cancer Care with #Wearitpink, an amazing cause to support and raise funds for people who have / had breast cancer and also to enable them to continue their ongoing work in education of early detection.

Thanks for reading …

N x

*All views are my own.


BEAUTY | Fashion Fair Calming Lavender Moisturising Body Set

I’m one of those people who never wins a competition.  Really…. I sincerely mean this, so despite my ‘non winner tendancies’ I still tried my luck at a recent competition held by the brand Fashion Fair on Instagram a few weeks ago….. Call it luck, but …….I won!

The prize I won was the French Riviera Blue – Calming Lavender Moisturising Body Set.


Contained within the package I received the Lavender cream and oil.  Both products came packaged within a very sturdy gift box which has a picture on the front one can only assume is a shot of the French Riviera – perhaps?

The design of the packaging is simple – silver and white, with the actual product held within a round plastic pot container for the cream and a slim bottle for the oil.

The cream consistency is similar to that of whipped cream just a tad thicker, with more muted floral undertones of the lavender scent. The cream applies nice and smoothly to the skin, feels moisturising but not overly so.  This is definitely geared at being the daytime product, as the scent is not to overpowering to be worn throughout the day.


Next is the oil …. which quite frankly is an oil but with a very distinct and powerful scent of Lavender.  I have used this after a bath on damp skin, the oil is extremely moisturising and feels very luxurious.  Lavender is known for aiding calm and inducing restful sleep …..which is exactly what this oil did! 


If you don’t know of Fashion Fair, they are a brand synonymous with providing beauty products for women of colour, created by the late Eunice W Johnson.  Fashion Fair produce an extensive range of foundations to concealers to lipsticks etc in all shades.

I have a slightly sentimental connection with Fashion Fair, in that the brand reminds me of my mother. In the late 80’s to early 90’s she used to work for Fashion Fair as an advisor on their beauty counter in a well known department store.  I grew up with the brand in our household and was familiar with what was then the famous pink and gold packaging …. I still have a ‘vintage’ Fashion Fair eye ‘shading’ brush, given to me many years ago by my mother….#Collectors item.


Over the years it has been amazing to see how much Fashior Fair have done to bring their brand presence in line with and still up there amongst other well known high end beauty brands.

If your a woman of colour (or not) and interested in checking out Fashion Fair’s products they can be found in House of Fraser and now in some larger Boots stores.

Have you tried Fashion Fair products? I would love to hear your favourites.

Thanks for reading…

 N x

Twitter chat collab with Weareponymous!

An uber quick post….

I have previously written about the new fashion brand Weareponymous here showcasing the City shorts I purchased!

Weareponymous as a brand are extremely engaging of the twitter community and fellow bloggers. For the best part of this year they have held a fair few twitter chats / parties which are essentially themed and involve a number of questions being asked to gain an idea of your views on said subject, it’s also a great way to make friends, engage and connect with other bloggers.

Just to let you know Weareponymous will be hosting another twitter chat and guess what ……..I will be co-hosting!

The twitter chat is tomorrow evening 9 – 10pm BST. Full details are confirmed below.

Don’t forget: To join in on the chat use #WEBlogger

I hope you are able to make it!


Thanks for reading …

N x

STYLE: Hashtag Normcore, The New Movement!

You tell me?

Reading a copy of Grazia on Saturday I came across an article talking about this new style trend, craze, movement …call it what you like it’s the new style buzz word around the cool kids!

I also researched Vogue online to find out their take on it!

The history of #Normcore according to Vogue, this new styling is born out of William Gibson’s (science fiction writer) first painting which represented the look through one of his characters, which in short was referred to as a functional non descript dresser. Read more here about what Vogue makes of #Normcore.

It seems, no longer is it about flashing labels and dressing like your loaded, actually it’s about non descript un-identifiable bland fashion and bland in a good way … But overstated!

I’m thinking….Is this someone’s sick idea of a joke…. Secretly I like it and think its genius …. Am I weird?

How I would wear #Normcore….

The white trainer (sneaker), which must be whiter than white.

The denim jeans, or should I say the said jean of choice should be a Levi 501…. In my case it would be GAP jeans…..Oooo I love a good pair of straight cut GAP Jeans.

Plain white tee, plain pull over (black, grey, navy) …. Just un-identifiable nothing-ness and sometimes it’s nice just not to be a walking advert for brands!

Here’s some of my Normcore picks…. Which I am going to try not to mention where the clothing is from (although I a sure you can tell where some are from) in keeping with all things #Normcore and the unidentifiable…






Yes I know all very boring and bland looking….

Thanks for reading! x

STYLE: The Oscars 2014 – Who… Wore….What?

So I’m sure most of the world tuned into The Oscars last night …..Sadly I didn’t (as I needed an early night last night after a fun filled weekend – more on that later in the week! ) I do hope to catch up on The Oscars later in the week via TiVO.

So who… wore …what ….simply means this evening I have been catching up on The Oscars best dressed list via Styleite and whilst it would be relatively safe for me to write about Lupita N’yongo (who by the way I think pulled off another winner in the style stakes wearing a Prada pastel gown).

I have to talk about another lady who I feel brought about an effortlessness to her attire….. That lady being Anne Hathaway who wore Gucci.


Who doesn’t love Anne Hathaway, I’m probably going to sound really predictable here and say I most loved Anne in her role playing ‘Andi’ the aspiring journalist in the Devil Wears Prada, who ventured into the wonderful world of fashion and landed a job ‘most girls would kill for’ working for the editor in chief of a fashion magazine (played by Meryl Streep). I won’t give you chapter and verse of the film, it’s an adaptation of the Lauren Weisberger novel which has the same name (and which I also think is a great read!)

So any way, as I loved what Anne wore on the red carpet for The Oscars, I thought I would look around for inspiration in stores right now… And at a fraction of the Gucci price tag:


I stumbled upon this Coast Aura Maxi dress currently being sold at Debenhams and on sale now for £156 originally £195.

I think this dress would look lovely when paired with a small black clutch bag and shoes. It’s just a shame I have no swanky evening soirées lined up any time soon! Ah such is life…*sigh*

Who were your style inspirations on The Oscars red carpet last night?

Thanks for reading! N x

STYLE: I heart Anthropologie

I remember the first day we met …

It was some 3 and a bit years ago, on a chilly but sunny day in February, strolling through the SoHo area of New York City with not a care in the world. It was my first trip to New York with my bestie and I was yet to discover the wonder of retail heaven. I knew this after stepping through your doors….

Sounds a bit like a love story right?

Anthropologie is a store (in my humble opinion) like no other… As confirmed above I first stumbled upon this store during my first visit to NYC. The store holds a very eclectic, dreamy and unique mix of clothing, accessories, footwear, furniture and home accessories. You are always guaranteed when shopping in this store whether online or in person to find something different.

So what is anthropologie all about? I got a little extract from their website:

Twenty years after being founded in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Anthropologie remains a destination for those wanting a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor that reflects their personal style and fuels their lives’ passions, from fashion to art to entertaining. In this, our 20th anniversary year, we are committed to offering our customers signature products and unmatched service, both in our 180 stores throughout Europe and America and also at anthropologie.eu and anthropologie.com.

I’m a massive fan of their candles, I believe they are made mostly using soy (which contains no nasty ingredients) and they last ages, they retail in the region of £10 – £20.


The boulangerie candle: a very sweet, comforting scent, almost like apple pie or another type of sweet pudding! Yum!
The avocado and mint candle: a very fresh green smell, which I tend to burn in my kitchen.

If you buy clothing from their store they package everything up so lovely! I have bought a couple of items of clothing from the store, which I’m unable to show you on this post due to poor lighting …. Darn you winter!

Anthropologie is a true gem! and I was even more pleased when the store clerk told me (at the time) they had a store just opened in London. Which, ok isn’t just around the corner from me but it’s only a train ride away which isn’t too bad.

So here are a few things that they have to offer (which I absolutely love) they are available via their website …enjoy!

Top left: Blushed a Tweed Moto Jacket
Top Centre: Cleo Tunic £148
Top Right: Moonshine Brogues £118
Bottom Left: Arya Boots £298
Bottom Centre: Spining Ring £68
Bottom Right: Karma Stack £68

Top Left: The Fashion Insiders Guide to Paris £15.99
Left Centre: New York Cult recipes £20.00
Bottom Left: The Fashion Insiders Guide to New York £15.99
Top Right: Left: Raindrops shower curtain £78.00
Bottom Right: Gallus Pitcher £68.00


Left: Montia Blossom Pendant £48.00
Right: Boreal Bib Necklace £78.00

Have you shopped in Anthropologie? What do you think?

Thanks for reading….Toodlepip!

Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form sponsored to write about Anthropologie, these views are my own.

STYLE: Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces seem to be making waves on the style scene at the moment… And quite rightly so. They can make the most drab, basic, effortless outfit look very polished, well thoughtout and stylish!

With spring only a few months around the corner and as mentioned here Pastels colours are back on the Spring / Summer 14 style agenda.

So whilst browsing a few stores on the inter-web-net this evening, I have stumbled upon a few ‘wishlist’ statement necklaces which are pastels and so very in keeping with Spring/Summer 14. Enjoy….Toodlepip!


Top left: Love Rocks Opaque Collar Necklace. £26, Asos
Centre left: Princess Natalia Statement Necklace. £29, Accessorize
Bottom left: Jonny Loves Rosie Collar Multi Stone Collar Necklace. £26, Asos
Top right: Antibes Pebbles Statement Necklace. £25, Accessorize
Centre right: Fleurette Statement Necklace. £160, Stella & Dot
Bottom right: Lulu Statement Necklace. £17, Accessorize (ok, it’s not quite so pastel, but I love the vibrancy of this piece!)