FACE: Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

When your face scrub smells like sweeties… In particular ‘Love Hearts‘ what are you going to do? 
Well obviously my dear I’m going to use it on my face and try very very hard not to eat it! #thestruggleisreal

I’m a fan of Sukin products have been for  a while, I especially love their foaming cleansers which I have written about here.  During an inpromptu visit to Holland and Barratt I find this little gem…

To put it simply, this is a really nice facial scrub, not just because of the scent!  It is sulphate and paraben free – which I know, I know nearly ever product these days claims to be “free” of this and that …because it’s just cool right? however after using this product my face doesn’t feel stripped of natural oils and feels really refreshed.

It’s a beady little scrub (jojoba beads and ground bamboo to be exact), whilst I know facial scrubs can be harsh on the skin if over used, I only use mine once a week.  The beads do appear to help lift the invisible layer of weekly grime from my skin.

Why is it called ‘super greens’ well this facial scrub is packed full of my faves – Kale, Sprulina and Parsley.  Yep that’s right the same stuff you’d add to a green smoothie!! 

Here’s the info on the back of the product packaging:

Everything about this products makes me happy – the scent, the packaging, the colour of the packaging, the ingredients.  Well done Sukin your on to a winner with this one! 

N x


LIFESTYLE : Liforme Yoga Mat – Part 1

A yoga mat for £100.  

Who really can justify a yoga mat for £100…. Erm ….. Me (sheepish voice).  Call it stupidity… I call it dedication! 


A decision I pondered over for a good 6 months before I took the plunge.

The yoga mat I’m referring to is the Liforme Yoga Mat which is used by some of my favourite yoga teachers both at home and afar – which ok if you see you favourite yoga teachers using the mats on YouTube, Instagram and in class, they have to some good… No? 

Whether a Yoga teacher buy the mats using their own funds or are sent them to promote, the fact is for me it was a good selling…

I did search quite thoroughly on Google to see whether there were any other reviewer opinions… Less than a handful. I went to Liforme’s Twitter endless tweets with lots of seemingly satisfied customers who had nothing but good to say!

Then it happened … I take it as a sign, my local yoga studio had the mats available and were taking orders with a discretionary £5 discount.  I did the math saving money on potential delivey cost, plus the £5 discount … This sweetened my decision even more.

I do quite a lot of yoga now, attending class at least 3-4 times per week and home practice, which more than justified the purchase in ‘pounds spent per use’….I have in my time gone through a few yoga mats which don’t quite cut it with grippiness (grippiness is that a real word?) you know what I mean as you progress through your *asanas hands and feet get warm and hot and a tad damp, place that on the latex / rubber material mat and the slippage gets really real! 

*Asanas = postures

I spoke with friends at yoga class who raved about how good their mats where, so before giving away my paper notes I got to try a friends mat and did a quick downward.  The grip beyond superb!!!

Where do I sign up!

Next dilemma … What colour, I’m not the kinda girl who wants to match her yoga mat with her yoga wardrobe.  For me it was more about how grubby looking (not worn in Im ok with worn in) it would get in a short space of time despite the inbetween mat cleaning routine.  The colours on offer are Grey, Blue, Pink … I chose a Green.


My lovely new green mat arrived in all its Liforme Green Glory and so far has yet to disappoint.

I have had my new mat for about 3 months so plan to share a further post about the bag which it comes supplied with, how I have found using it when practising different forms of yoga and last and very important how to clean the mat!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments sections and I’ll try my best to answer!

Thanks for reading … Namaste!

N x

LIFESTYLE | Purechimp Matcha Green Tea

As an avid tea drinker (I prefer green, peppermint, nettle tea rather than traditional breakfast tea). I have been hearing some really good things about Matcha Green Tea. I was keen to try it.


I decided to research more about Matcha Green Tea and have found that it’s claims to bring about increased energy, provides a boost to the metabolism not forgetting improvements for the skin.

Matcha green tea is normally purchased in powder form, the process used to make Matcha Green Tea can be read here

I have also learned that there are different types of this tea. Food, Normal or Ceremonial grade.

Food grade tends to be less expensive and is recommended for use in smoothies or as an ingredient to be added with other foods. Normal grade worthy of drinking however the taste quality may not be to everyone’s liking and Ceremonial grade also worthy of drinking and known to be the creme de la creme of the Matcha Green Tea world because it’s made from higher quality leaves.

Being a green tea drinker I was quite excited to have it arrive once I placed my order. After searching high and low on Amazon for some weeks, I made my choice with the Pure Chimp brand because it was Ceremonial grade and only £11! In comparison to a lot of other brands this was an extremely good price for what I was getting.


On the product packaging it states the following:
137 x antioxidants of regular green tea
Equivalent to 10 cups of green tea in 1 serving
Ceremonial grade matcha green tea from Japan
Improve your skin from within
Caffeine without the anxiety (35mg per serving)
Anti-ageing properties

Weight loss – a study found that consuming matcha green tea can increase thermogenesis from a normal 8%-10% of daily energy expenditure, to between 35% and 43% of daily energy
Shelf life: 18 months

Making my Matcha…
I made sure to order an electric frother as many people on reviews have recommended using one to make the tea. I simply followed the instructions. Placed half a teaspoon into a cup, with a little boiling water and then used the frother to assist with the blending process which dissolves the powder. Then once done topped up the rest of the cup with boiling water… It takes less than 2 mins to make -simples!



Tasting my Matcha…
As mentioned above Im used to the tea bag type of green tea, so was surprised that the taste wasn’t over powering, It was still equally refreshing but with depth – if that makes sense. I tend to have at least two cups per day when not at work, and one large cup in the morning before work and my supplies are dwindling already!

Matcha Green Tea is best stored in a cool place, so I keep mine in the fridge.

I didn’t buy this product to aid weigh loss although I know it has the ability to speed up metabolism. However I was keen to see if it boosted my energy, without the dreaded irritable after effects that coffee gives me. It did just that, I felt increased energy and concentration which is great for me as I wake up most mornings far too early to function! plus I didn’t find I craved another cup hours later , which tends to happen when I drink coffee.


So to wrap up this post all in all, I’m now a proud matcha green tea convert. I actually prefer drinking this now to standard green tea in bags!

Have you tried Matcha Green tea – which one is your favourite brand?

Thanks for reading ….

N x

LIFESTYLE | Xenca Five A Day Plus V

The clocks have gone back, extra hour in bed (yeah right!), shorter days, long nights, lack of daylight…. And I need an energy boost!

Xenca to the rescue…


Xenca have brought out another product in their green food range Xenca Five A Day plus V which I’m actually quite liking.

I bought it about a month ago and put it on reserves for when the winter starts to grip hold of me and zap my energy through the lack of heat and sunshine!

So here what’s new about the usual Xenca Five a day plus V.

Its a vegan friendly blend which contains extracts of vanilla and raspberry, you can actually see small fine piece of raspberry in the powder.


It’s a finer grain of powder which helps it to mix better when drinking with plain water. This product now no longer contains Royal Jelly.

Here’s the ingredients list:
Alfalfa, Apple Pectin Fibre, Barley Grass Juice, Beetroot Juice Powder, Chlorella, Coenzyme Q10, Dulse, Fucoxanthin, Ionic Trace Minerals, Jerusalem Artichoke Powder, Organic Kelp, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bifidus, Raspberry Flavour, Rice Bran Powder, Soya Lecithin, Spirulina, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Maize Starch, Vanilla Flavour, Wheatgrass Juice.

I actually prefer this one to the original especially when drinking it with plain water as I like the subtle hints of the vanilla and raspberry flavour it gives.

I need not tell you again I am a big fan of this product for the energy boost it gives me as previously shared.

If your in need of an autumn / winter boost its worth giving Xenca Five A Day Plus V a try!

Thanks for reading …

N x

LIFESTYLE: IKEA… Fancy Popping Around For Tea?

Random quick post about a great item I picked up last weekend during a visit to IKEA.

Answers on a post card (no not really) to anyone who can tell me what this is…..I’m sure you can guess by the title of the post.


Its a tea leaf holder (or strainer, infuser however you refer to it)

I’m a big fan of health herbal teas such a green tea, peppermint tea, chai tea etc… although I don’t drink an awful lot of loose leaf tea.

My dad is a little bit of a health nut (yes it runs in the family) and he gave me a bag of loose leaf nettle tea to help relieve my symptoms of hay fever.

I don’t currently own a tea pot shocking I know…. I will get one soon I just haven’t found one which I have fallen in love with yet! Also most of the teas I buy are conveniently placed in tea bags.

I digress, so whilst wondering the aisles of IKEA in awe and wanting everything my eyes came into contact with, I asked a friendly assistant wearing the trademark blue and yellow where the tea leaf strainers/holders were and they lead me to these little beauties!

You get two of these holders within a pack for no more than three gold sterling pound coins…bargain. In my opinion IKEA never disappoints in style and aesthetics.

Instructions on use …. Only according to me though

Place your loose leaf tea (of any kind mine just so happens to be dried nettle) heaped into the holder’s mouth hole thingymajiggy.


Place hot water into your cup, then place the holder to your cup (I’m using my favourite Starbucks New York mug).


Allow the tea to brew for a few minutes.



Ahhhhhhh….. Makes for quite a nice cup of tea without the investment in a teapot for now, or at least until I find a teapot that I like.

Have you picked up any weird but wonderful items from IKEA, I would love to hear what they are and their uses?

Thanks for reading…. N x

BEAUTY: Barry M Nail Paint – Review

So we are officially in the midst of spring!

And whilst having a rummage through my nail varnish collection last night, I stumbled upon this little beauty – Barry M Nail paint in ‘Mint Green’.


I recall purchasing this nail varnish from Superdrug (around £3 – I think) last winter. Secretly I think I must have been desperate for the spring to arrive hence the incorrect colour choice in the wrong season!

I don’t normally gravitate to green or blue pastels for the nails, as personally I don’t feel they suit my skin tone, and to be honest I am still not sure if I like the shade for me, although it is slowly growing on me.


I do however love the consistency of the colour – you can get good coverage in just one coat, it’s a good quality block colour and it wears well.

I painted my nails last night before bed and I had a ‘hand intense’ day running around today, out with my mini-me so I would have expected the odd chip here or there, which if I’m honest my right hand has the slightest of chips, but nothing too noticeable.


What do you think of Barry M nail paints – what’s your favourite shades?

Thanks for reading, TTFN!