A few months ago, I needed to find a hotel to stay in which was close to the airport….

Why did the hotel need to be so close to the airport I hear you ask? well, because of the stupidly early time I decided to book flights for a one day overseas trip.

I found said hotel….BLOC hotel Gatwick…. your my new favourite friend!


Let me share your spleandor with my friends…
As you can probably tell, I’m a sucker for detail, nice finishing touches and artsy fartsy angles…


Aren’t these hangers the best!


Another nice touch, a neat little cloth bag contained the hair dryer.

In the bathroom – Zenology complimentary bathing products….Might I add these products contain no nasty chemicals!


The bathroom contains a shower, sink and toilet – which doubles up as a wet room, again comfortable in size but spotlessly clean so I had no complaints.
The rooms floor space is a small but comfortable square room.

Oh and did I mention It’s perfectly placed on the airport terminal for those stupidly early flights which you never know when you may need to take….

Happy Easter all, thanks for reading….

N x


LIFESTYLE: Planning to stay organised

Really! 6 months since my last blog post….

Life has been ….well …. just life.

In an effort to enjoy more of my hobby, my consistency, planning and routine has waned and this is what I need to get better at!

Over the past six months I have found my work and life schedule getting busier and busier with more things to remember…. it came to me what was missing…. my good old trusty Filofax.

In my twenties and for most of my early thirties, I used to use and carry one, for the most part this helped me to stay somewhat organised.

I attempted to resurrect my old battered Filofax ….it had seen better days.

So during a rare, childless Saturday in February, I snagged a Filofax bargain purchase from WHSmith – at the bargainacious  price of £5 – oh yes you heard me!





Over the past few weeks the new Filofax and I have began getting a little more acquainted, I have found tons of planner related videos on YouTube, that I am steadily making my way through and Pintrest has become my new best friend (again).

I really want to stay invested in this new ‘way of life’ so bought myself various planner ‘essentials’ such as – sticky notes, Washi tape and the like to …’spruce up my Filofax’ … as is so fabulously demonstrated via the resources I have seen and watched.




With my new Filofax companion, the plan (pardon the pun) is to build in more consistency by working out my free days outside of familylife , schoolruns, kiddo’s extra activities, impromptu birthday parties, cleaning, cooking, yoga (both home and studio visits), SLEEP! and anything else considered a priority!  I have high hopes that the consistency part of blogging returns over time…

Wish me luck, I have a feeling there will be some adjusting to get things back where they need to be on the blogging front.

Thanks for reading…

N x




LIFESTYLE | Space Cowboy Tribute

I love live music. It’s doesn’t have to necessarily be the latest solo or group sensation of the moment, I just love to hear good quality vocals, strings, bass and drumming….

On a rare Saturday night out last week I got the chance to hear live drums, bass and soulful singing … all thanks to Space Cowboy – A Tribute to Jamiroquai.


Located in the West Midlands at The Crossing…

The Crossing is housed inside South and City College in the Digbeth area of Birmingham.



It’s a suitably sized, small to medium event space which made for a very comfortable nights viewing…

This wasn’t an amateur set up there was lighting, sound and smoke machines with no obvious signs of malfunction which gave for a very professional set up.

The front man gave an impressive like version of the one and only Jay Kay, it was hard not to think I wasn’t sitting in an actual Jamiroquai concert. He wore all of the Headgear Jay Kay is famous for which formed part of the performances and was a nice touch!

The backing singers, where on point the crispness and quality of their voices complimented each song.

They sang all the classics such as …Too Young To Die, Space Cowboy to name a few…

The band – drummers, bass players all provided the necessary accompaniment to give this show a proud display and worthy tribute to Jamiroquai.

For a £10 ticket with two one hour sets this was more than worth a visit! The show was superb!

To check out Space Cowboy, here’s a link to their YouTube page. The band also have a Facebook page if your interested in checking out where they are next performing.

Thanks for reading ….

N x

LIFESTYLE| New York bound!

By the time you read this I will (hopefully) be a few hundred thousands feet above land enroute with my bestie to my home from home New York City!


As I typed this post on Saturday I had feelings of elation, because I truely love this city.

I have been blessed and fortunate to have visited NYC before so probably won’t be doing mostly touristy things this time … I have an itinerary of shopping (of course!), drop in to a nearby yoga class and perhaps a visit to a jazz bar…maybe?

Wifi permitting I will try and upload posts, instagram and tweet, however no guarantees!

If I don’t manage to post whilst out there I will be back with loads of pictures of what we did, where we went and of course not to forget things I bought….

Until then…

Thanks for reading …

N x

LIFESTYLE: The Art of Consistency / Where Have You Been?

Has it really been nearly one whole month that I haven’t put finger to key pad to blog!

Unfortunately shamefully so *hangs head, sad face*. Please accept these flowers as my apology…


So I bet your wondering what the title of this blog is about … Well in short ….me and my inability to focus my attention to be consistent with my new found hobby and love – blogging.

It’s not for the want of trying, however I have been through a mini roller coaster which I’m sure all bloggers go through, I’m not quite sure there’s a name for it so lets just call it the “blogger crash and burn episode” there that sounds about right.

Quite simply put at the start of this year I embarked on this new journey of blogging, after a couple of false starts of starting blogs previously and my love for reading and following blogs, vlog and social media, I thought right that’s it’s – I did the usual stuff… But took the time to sort things out properly this time…

…researched which blogging platform to use – check
…. Noted name ideas – check
…set up an account – check

From January the first onwards I was blogging 3 – 4 times a week, engaging on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter …

For me blogging is my hobby, like most people I. am. busy with
– family – keeping toddler entertained, keeping up to date with family,
– homelife – keeping house tidy, organised, chores … Etc
– work – an uber busy day job, which at times requires me to work out of ‘office hours’ just to get stuff done – not a complaint though as I do enjoy my job!

Crash! That’s just exactly what I did…. I just couldn’t muster the energy to blog. Despite all of the ideas for blog posts whirling around in my little tired brain.

I tweeted my despair and the lovely Emma over at Frugally Peachy responded with support and words of wisdom. ( p.s. you should check out Emma’s blog too it’s jam packed full of fabulous ways to embrace frugality, magical crafting – head over there and take a look! )

So I took a semi break from social media for about a week, no twitter, no Instagram and no blogging

Work got busier! Life remained consistent ….

BURN! Which resulted in no blogging for about a month, and a barely there existence on social media, all the while and I know this sounds dramatic I felt this sense of loss in the back of mind always thinking ….how can I integrate blogging back into my life and allow it to remain consistent? I manage it quite easily with most other things – life duties and other hobbies I have such as my once weekly attendance to practice yoga and gym? how …

Well for me it started with me identifying why I couldn’t blog and the reason is my need for further organisation in other areas of my life – I won’t go into too much detail here but being organised is extremely freeing … Making lists and prioritising has definitely helped, along with ‘me’ time by this I mean

Funtime with mini me and husb – cinema, parks days, an impromptu trip to the beach:



And who doesn’t love fish & chips and hot donuts from the seaside!



pamper time – face masks, paint my nails, candles, relax and breathe! You get my drift.
Catching up with friends – here a little picture of afternoon tea birthday treat which I got for one of my bestie’s:


Me time a magazine and a cafe latte:


The family and I have also been away on a little holiday too (my last one being 2012) which I will share details of that soon. Here’s a sneak peek picture from the trip:


I think all of this time away did me good, because tonight I feel like blogging and what I have learnt from the time away is that it starts with me not putting so much pressure on myself to blog. And knowing when it’s just time to take a break….

I will however try to be consistent, by this I mean integrating blogging into my life much the same as other things I enjoy to do – as its important to have a outlet for the things you enjoy todo otherwise – what’s the point of life!

Woah I’m so deep tonight!

I hope tonight’s post hasn’t bored you to tears, I just thought it would be worth explaining why I had been so absent …and just to say that I’m back really 🙂

Have you experienced ‘Blogger crash and burn episode’? If so how did you get out of it….

p.p.s I have a few posts lined up, so stay tuned!

And for those of you following my blog either via wordpress or by email thanks for hanging in there and sticking around!

N x

LIFESTYLE: When life gets in the way …

…which it does for all of us.

Five days has elapsed since I wrote my last post. As I banned myself from eating cake during Lent, maybe it’s sent me into to some mini trauma or shock and disturbed my blogging flow? Whatever the reason I’m back now!

So I’m not going to make a whole load of excuses about why I couldn’t blog … I’ll save that for tweets on Twitter. Here where I share what I have been up to and what has kept me away from the blogsphere….

I’ll start at the beginning of the month. We celebrated my mini-me’s birthday, she is another year older… Wow how time flies. I will never forget the day she was born. We celebrated by holding her a good old kids party with friends and family. It was held at one of those indoor play centres or playbarns. You know the ones where children run around and throw themselves around and drag their poor parents with them, mini-me was said child and Husb and I were poor parents.


We all had a thoroughly good time!

Then it was back to work with a bang! But a bit of window shopping in between, I popped into M&S during one of my rare lunch breaks and spied Emma Bridgewater beauty goodies …. Roll on PAYDAY!


Then fast forward to last weekend where in my part of the UK we saw the start of spring weather and we celebrated my dad’s birthday. We took my dad for a family meal at Red Peppers restaurant which serves Mediterranean food. My dad and I are both very fussy eaters and are both pescatarian so choosing where to eat was a tiny mission. Although pleased to say he enjoyed the meal.


In amongst all of this I have been trying to juggle being mom, wife and employed working person, to keep me sane I add a bit of gym twice a week and my ashtanga Yoga class once a week!

For winding down during the evenings lots of relaxing candles, home facials and relaxing baths….



Lastly I struggled last week with my no cake for lent ban I have a sweet tooth and indulged in some Haribo Jelly babies…. I LOVE these… No judgement 🙂


So the husbands birthday is next week, and Mother’s Day at the end of the month ….so more celebrations and family time in store.

I hope you have all been well?

Thanks for reading. TTFN!

LIFESTYLE: For the love of….Cake

So just an uber quick post tonight, I was chatting to one of my new blogger friends via twitter last night.

The topic of chocolate, cake and what we’re giving up for lent was discussed. That’s right folks as today marks the official start of Lent. I shall be giving up CAKE!.


I’ll back track some few weeks ago where mini-me and I took to the kitchen to do some Valentines day baking for the husb.

Nothing too mind blowing actually, I normally bake cakes from scratch however because my little person was in vicinity for precision speed (and to keep her engaged) I cheated and picked up a Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake mix and a Dora the explorer cake mix. 1. Pop an egg in, 2. water and 3. mix …. Bish bash bosh!




We made this:


And this:



I’ve never made Red Velvet cake before (although I’ve tried it in New York!) my cake was absolutely delish if I don’t say so myself! mini-me’s cupcakes also went down a treat too.


Images like this will keep me pining for cake for the next 6 weeks!

I am an absolute cake fiend…. Seriously I like to do nothing more than eat cake with a cup of green tea to wash it down with afterwards, so I know giving cake up for Lent is going to be a huge struggle. However I’m up for the challenge….I’m focused! Wish me luck…

P.s I plan to post weekly updates on Wednesdays to share my *struggle*…. I mean …success with avoiding cake!

If you partake in Lent… What will you be giving up?

Thanks for reading ….TTFN!