Thankyou 2014 / Welcome 2015

I have been having a little break over the past few weeks hence the lack of posts, but thought it necessary to check in on the eve of another New Year.

I started this blog as a hobby and whilst it still remains so I didn’t imagine anyone would be remotely interested in what I have to say? I know most bloggers say this – but I really didn’t..

Every ‘ding’ notification sound from my iPad or phone when someone has either liked a post or comments still fills me with the same excitement on day one of my blog and never grows old…

I have had some great experiences over the past year, met and connected with some lovely people, connected with some lovely and generous brands – long may this continue!

So to you lovely people who receive my posts by email, are subscribed via WP or if you happen to check in only from time to time – a big THANK YOU for the continue support!

I know I am not the most consistent with posting, this is mainly due to me wanting posts to be interesting to read… Also life ‘paid job’ and ‘family life’ gets busy sometimes.

I am full of anticipation for a positive year for 2015, to keep things fresh on the blog there will be a few subtle changes (don’t worry there will still be style, beauty and lifestyle posts) …

Happy New Year all!

Thanks …as always for reading …

N x


LIFESTYLE | New York Diaries – Day 4

So hard to say good bye: Wednesday 19th Nov

Feelings of sadness but also excitement to go home and see my family.

We set about packing fairly early in the morning so we could have another last wander around NYC before our driver collected us to take us back to the airport.





I had a thoroughly enjoyable time in NYC, I think no matter how many times you visit you fall in love with the city time and time again.

There are so many other places in NYC I still have to visit which I have written down ready for my next visit.

I plan to share some of the things I purchased in the next few blog posts… Until then…

Thanks for reading …

N x

LIFESTYLE | New York Diaries – Day 3

Sunny chilly NYC days, Tuesday 18th Nov: Well rested on day three we finally woke to sunshine…

Oh boy how I missed the New York sunshine to brighten the place up, it was also a chance to don my shades like a real New Yorker.

After stopping by Starbucks for breakfast conveniently placed across the street from our hotel, we were women with a plan, opting for a change of scenery we decided to descend on the Soho area which happens to be my more favourite parts of the island.



We hailed a cab which took us to Green Street for a browse around where most of the boutique stores reside. Most shops don’t open in the Soho until 10-11am so we stopped by a coffee shop (which I didn’t get the name of because it was so cold!) I had some ginger tea.




We continued having a wander around the cobbled streets and visited Old Navy, Brandy Melville and then on to one of my favourite stores that I always visit – Anthropologie. Where I picked up a few items …


We just so happened to stumble upon the Birch Box store – which I hadn’t realised was so near!





The BirchbBox store is absolutely gorgeous…As a previous subscriber of this box It was nice to be able to see some of the brands which have appeared in the box, the Birchbox store houses all of the full sized favourites for purchase.


Towards the back of the store you are able to put together your own box for a mere $15…. I purchased one – I will share more of what I got in the box in another post.

We continued to wonder until we found ourselves near NYU and Union Sq whilst I have been here before we took a few pictures – this is one of my favourite wide open spaces in the city.




The winds picked up pace so we hailed another cab and took a drive down to Macy’s for another mooch as our first visit was so quick.



The Christmas displays in Macy’s were overtop but fabulous, unfortunately I didn’t find anything to purchase in Macy’s as in all honesty the store has changed quite a bit, the clothing and shoe department seemed somewhat lacking …

Onwards to Urban outfitters, we spent quite a bit of time in the store I picked up some new boots from the brand Hudson and then it was literally time to call it a day we were super tired… Taxi!

Yet another Cab hailed (I was getting good at this!) we grabbed some food locally and headed back to the hotel.

The (Final) day 4 of New York diaries will be posted on Saturday…

Thanks for reading ….

N x

LIFESTYLE | New York Diaries – Day 2

Up and at em!, Monday 17th Nov: Not quite….we had a lazy start to day 2 in NYC and well needed sleep was in order. Being the organised kinds of people we are we wrote plans of what we wanted to do, just to avoid getting side tracked!

Once dressed and changed, we headed straight to FAO Schwartz.




I can’t not visit this store, being the most famous New York toy store, I did a deal with kiddo that I would bring her back two or three dollies one of which had to be Frozen related….One Elsa and barbie doll bought – check! We stayed and had breakfast at FAO Schwartz – I had a Blueberry Blitz Muffin and a Chai Latte.

Being the Apple geek that I am and my bestie being a Apple geek in training we headed to the Apple Store. I needed to communicate with my family, quickly check emails etc so we had a mooch, play with some devices and I made contact.

Here’s a shot of the Apple Store during the evening I wasn’t able to get one during the day due to the torrential rain down pour!


Whilst NYC weather can be marginally similar to UK weather, in NYC it always seems to be more so dramatic and severe, it literally rained for the best part of 5 hours, which slowed us down a little however time was well spent scouring the clothing rails in H&M, ZARA, Banana Republic, Uni Qlo, Gap, Bloomingdales and of course a bit of damage was done in Sephora.

We stopped by for lunch at Fresh and Co a clean eating eatery which serves amongst its menus gluten free, vegan food items…


I had split pea soup with a freshly squeezed orange juice. Feeling a tad more rejuvenated we headed to Fifth Ave and stumbled upon a chaotic scene of traffic cops, backed up traffic – rush hour traffic perhaps? – no, add a few film crews … And in typical New York style we happened to see the switching on of the Snowflake outside Bergdorf and Goodman where there were some Christmas themed performances which were magical, followed by a fantastic firework display!





We slowly strolled down Fifth Avenue taking in the wanderous and whimsical window displays of the very high end stores such as Tiffany & Co, Bottega Veneta but to name a few.







We’re we tired ….heck no, back to the hotel to drop off our shopping bags and change our shoes … Out again this time on enroute to Time Square.





No matter how many times I visit Time Square I never tire of the bright lights (especially during the evening).

We snapped a few shots and headed to one of our favourite stores Loft which isn’t available in the UK and picked up a couple items, checked out Footlocker and then our extremely weary feet carried us on a slow walk back to the hotel….

Stay tuned for Day 3 New York diaries tomorrow!

Thanks for reading…

N x

LIFESTYLE | New York Diaries – Day 1

This time last week I was on a plane….on a plane to the Big Apple!

Over the next few days, I will be sharing a four part blog post on my adventures in New York ….

Welcome Back! Sunday 16th Nov

I always love travelling back to NYC, I’m always full of anticipation as to how much the city might have changed since my last visit ….


Despite being seated apart from my bestie, the flight was positively one of the best journeys out there. We travelled with United airlines and were fed, watered and entertained with in flight movies so the time flew by!

We arrived into Newark airport which again I have never done before – normally JFK and our checkin process was quick and smooth….

We found our driver to take us to the Salisbury hotel (we have stayed at the Salisbury hotel once before, its clean and conveniently located to 5th Avenue, Times Square to name a few popular destinations).


We checked in, dumped our bags in the room and off out we went exploring…


The first mission in NYC was operation ‘buy a new coat’.

Both the bestie and I travelled light and as the weather at this time of year can be unpredictable we scoured a few shops…


Macy’s, Urban Outfitters and of course Zara which by the way didn’t disappoint we both pick up a coat each.

Tiredness kicked is so on a slow walk back to the hotel we stopped by a local deli and picked up a couple of pizzas and cupcakes – yum!

Stay tuned for Day 2, New York Diaries post.

Thanks for reading ….

N x