BEAUTY: Aztec Indian Healing Clay

I’ve been like a kid with a new toy this past weekend!  ‘Playing’ with a new beauty product ….I purchased the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

So ok, I know, I know I’m LATE to this Bentonite clay party! Don’t judge me…

I have heard great things about this product all over the Internet-web so of course I wanted to give it go myself.
The mask comes packaged in its original powdery state, which whilst I ‘get’ it being that’s it’s a natural product….I had a momentary eye roll moment because I just wanted to get the stuff on my face without the extra faff of sourcing ‘equipment’ to mix up the concoction.

So with glass jar and plastic spoon at hand, a teaspoon of the clay powder I got to mixing this two different ways on two different occasions.

The clay powder mixed with Apple cyder vinegar:

Using the mask powder with Sainsburys Aspinalls cyder vinger, whilst I felt the mask did its job it dries almost at the same rate as your conventional pre mixed mask.  Drying time was about 15-20 mins.  The smell… Somewhat vinegary with a tinge of egg… a tad abnoctious, but doable.

The clay powder mixed with water:

Whoa! Completely difference in how my face felt and how the clay dries.  The mask gets to work instantly with drying and boy oh boy can you feel it!! It almost had for an itchy sensation for a moment.  I could feel it tightening those pores (mwah ha ha ha) which is never a bad thing.  Drying time was about 10 mins.  The smell …. Again that eggy whiff.

With the clay mask used both ways… It definetly lives up to the ‘feel your face pulsate’ claim.  It is the most strangest feeling ever, however more so intense when the clay is mixed with plain water.  I’d say if there’s a reason to buy this mask its for that party trick alone.

So did it make a difference? Yes! I’m pleased to say this is one mask I won’t be turning my back on in a hurry.  My skin feels baby soft after use and the next day is positively glowing.

There are many uses for Bentonite clay – it’s widely known for its healing properties and ability to remove toxins.  There are multiple uses for it, which I’m steadily reading up and learning about.

So lastly to conclude I’m sure you’ve guessed I love this mask, I picked mine up on Amazon for just under £10, however I’m sure it’s also available from most other good beauty web stores.

Have you tried Aztec secret Indian healing clay, if so how have you used it and what where your results?

Feel free to share!

N x


LIFESTYLE: At home relaxing with candles…

As mentioned in my previous post, I had an extended break away from work for the Christmas holidays, so after two full days in the office at my day job so far- wow! it feels as if I have already worked a full week. I do wish today was Friday…

I’m taking it easy tonight! My mini-me is fast asleep in bed now, and one of my best ways to unwind is to switch off the lights and have my candles lit.

Current candles I’m burning are Diptyque – ‘Feu De Bois’ (which is sadly coming to an end). I purchased this candle a good six months ago and although I haven’t burnt it daily as it’s only the smaller sized candle, it has lasted well. I bought the candle from Space NK.
I think It’s always hard to describe a fragrance as I think it’s quite a personal thing, I would say Feu De Bois has a fairly woody, warm fragrance – it is definitely a candle ideal for winter. Over the years I have become a bit of a candle snob and will pay in the region of £20 for a good quality candle with no nasty ingredients but rather full of good natural ingredients to which Diptyque confirm for their candles. As these candle are full of natural ingredients this candle burns very cleanly which is another sign go it being good quality.

I am also burning a candle which was purchased for me as a Christmas present. This candle was part of gift set from French Connection which came complete with bath foam and body butter – which currently are unopened.

The fragrance of this candle is definitely vanilla, i’m not quite sure if it is made from natural ingredients, but I always make the exception where gifts are concerned from my nearest and dearest’s because it truly is the thought that counts!
This candle comes set within a gorgeous tumbler with has a silvery cracked pattern running through it, so when lit against candle light it looks positively delightful.

Right then back to relaxing, but before I go…. How do you like to relax? Do you have any favourite candles?

Thanks for reading.