BEAUTY: Dr Organics Hemp Seed Oil Skin Lotion – Part 1

For a while I’ve been suffering with quite dry skin.  Mostly on my legs and I have failed at finding a way of keeping the moisture over the past few months.  Winter is not my friend! 

I’m not sure if this product will improve the situation, but I’m giving it a go – so this blog post will be in two parts!
I purchased the Dr Organics Hemp Seed Oil Skin lotion from Holland and Barratt today (cost £7.59).  The skin lotion was introduced to me by a friend who gave me a little to try.   My initial thoughts….I liked the texture and moisture so thought I would give it a whirl! 

So this is just a short blog post this evening (it’s been a long day!) just to say… (Cue the arnie terminator style voice) “I’ll be back” with a full review of my thoughts as to whether I feel this skin lotion lives up to products claims and adds any improvements to my skin.

Have you tried the Dr Organics Hemp Seed Oil skin lotion.  If so I would be interested to hear your thoughts

Thanks for reading …

N x


FACE: Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye

Change of job. Change in routine. More Travel.  I felt like my skin needed rescuing during the month of August … But more so the tiredness was starting to show around my eye area – fine lines and a generally drier appearance, I know this because of the dreaded undereye concealer creasing I got throughout my days at work etc.

I have recently purchased Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye to see what ‘repair’ I could do topically, alongside upping my water intake.

I’m pleased with the results! 

Actually I’m more than pleased with the results, I often feel it does take time for creams, lotions and potions to adjust to my skin before I see the results.  That being also true because of how skin is constantly renewing and repairing itself.  Personally for me, I feel this eye cream lived up to its claims.
Within days … Yes that’s right days, the fine lines presented more of a softer appearance and the dreaded concealer creasing – See ya! 

So the serous bit what’s in this ‘magical’ cream, here’s the product description from the Kiehls website:

Specifically formulated for the delicate under-eye area to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes by morning by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Formulated with Butcher’s Broom, Squalane, Evening Primrose and Lavender.

Paraben-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free.

Now the ingredients:

Water, Helianthus Annuus Seed/Oil/Sunflower Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil/ Jojoba Seed Oil, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil/Apricot Kernel Oil, Squalane, Alcohol Denat., Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Oenothera Biennis Oil/Evening Primrose Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter/Shea Butter, Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Xanthan Gum, Ruscus Aculeatus Extract/Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis/Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Tocopherol, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil/Lavender Oil, Adenosine, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil/Rosemary Leaf Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, Citronellol, Lavandula Hybrida Oil, Geraniol, Linalool, Cucumis Sativus Extract/Cucumber Fruit Extract, Curcuma Longa Extract/Turmeric Root Extract, Curcuma Longa Extract/Turmeric Root Extract, Sclareolide, Rosa SPP/Rose Flower Oil, Jasminum Officinale Extract/Jasmine Extract

So what’s not so good about about the product you ask….?

Ahem….The packaging.

Whilst I love the fact that I’m not dipping my fingers into a pot, just a little squeeze on the tube and a dot of cream is all that is required.  

The nozzle on the tube is too narrow(or the one I purchased)  I had to keep fighting with it to get the cream out! 

On one attempt I ended up over squeezing the tube and wasting some cream as it projectiled across the other side of the room in a bid for freedom. Seriously.  I then with brute force took to the scissors and snipped the end of the nozzle a couple of times. This did the trick!
All in all I would recommend this eye cream and will definitely repurchase it.   The price tag is fair at £24.50, I purchased mine from SpaceNK.

Kiehls if you ever so happen to read this… Please please make an adjustment to the nozzle on the tube.

Anywho that’s all for now…

Thanks for reading …
N x

LIFESTYLE | Purechimp Matcha Green Tea

As an avid tea drinker (I prefer green, peppermint, nettle tea rather than traditional breakfast tea). I have been hearing some really good things about Matcha Green Tea. I was keen to try it.


I decided to research more about Matcha Green Tea and have found that it’s claims to bring about increased energy, provides a boost to the metabolism not forgetting improvements for the skin.

Matcha green tea is normally purchased in powder form, the process used to make Matcha Green Tea can be read here

I have also learned that there are different types of this tea. Food, Normal or Ceremonial grade.

Food grade tends to be less expensive and is recommended for use in smoothies or as an ingredient to be added with other foods. Normal grade worthy of drinking however the taste quality may not be to everyone’s liking and Ceremonial grade also worthy of drinking and known to be the creme de la creme of the Matcha Green Tea world because it’s made from higher quality leaves.

Being a green tea drinker I was quite excited to have it arrive once I placed my order. After searching high and low on Amazon for some weeks, I made my choice with the Pure Chimp brand because it was Ceremonial grade and only £11! In comparison to a lot of other brands this was an extremely good price for what I was getting.


On the product packaging it states the following:
137 x antioxidants of regular green tea
Equivalent to 10 cups of green tea in 1 serving
Ceremonial grade matcha green tea from Japan
Improve your skin from within
Caffeine without the anxiety (35mg per serving)
Anti-ageing properties

Weight loss – a study found that consuming matcha green tea can increase thermogenesis from a normal 8%-10% of daily energy expenditure, to between 35% and 43% of daily energy
Shelf life: 18 months

Making my Matcha…
I made sure to order an electric frother as many people on reviews have recommended using one to make the tea. I simply followed the instructions. Placed half a teaspoon into a cup, with a little boiling water and then used the frother to assist with the blending process which dissolves the powder. Then once done topped up the rest of the cup with boiling water… It takes less than 2 mins to make -simples!



Tasting my Matcha…
As mentioned above Im used to the tea bag type of green tea, so was surprised that the taste wasn’t over powering, It was still equally refreshing but with depth – if that makes sense. I tend to have at least two cups per day when not at work, and one large cup in the morning before work and my supplies are dwindling already!

Matcha Green Tea is best stored in a cool place, so I keep mine in the fridge.

I didn’t buy this product to aid weigh loss although I know it has the ability to speed up metabolism. However I was keen to see if it boosted my energy, without the dreaded irritable after effects that coffee gives me. It did just that, I felt increased energy and concentration which is great for me as I wake up most mornings far too early to function! plus I didn’t find I craved another cup hours later , which tends to happen when I drink coffee.


So to wrap up this post all in all, I’m now a proud matcha green tea convert. I actually prefer drinking this now to standard green tea in bags!

Have you tried Matcha Green tea – which one is your favourite brand?

Thanks for reading ….

N x

FACE: Ultimate Plum Palette by MeMeMe Cosmetics

Back with another makeup review, it’s been a while right?

I had planned on posting this sooner however I am battling with the elements at the moment or lack there of …. Winter and limited natural daylight!

I was very recently sent the new *Ultimate Plum Palette by the lovely people at MeMeMe Cosmetics.


I have written about MeMeMe cosmetics in previous posts here and here.

To say I was eager to try this palette would be an understatement!


First impressions of the packaging are good. The palette comes packaged in a cardboard sleeve and the palette itself folds out in the conventional way. The palette is supplied with a double ended brush, the brush has synthetic bristles. I will be honest, I didn’t use the brush, just a personal preference to use brushes I’m used to, so I can’t comment on how well the brushes fair – note to self to try it next time around. This brush would come in handy for travel due to it being double ended – one side to apply colour the other for blending, it would save you from needing to carry extra brushes with you.

Saturday was the first opportunity I had to have a play with the palette.

Here are a few swatches of the colours.


There is a good array of colours, a shimmer nude, plum and purple matte and sparkly colours and the very dark black – perfect for the ultimate smokey eye.

Speaking on behalf of my darker skin toned ladies – you don’t have to apply lots of product to get a good finish, I can say the colour pay off is extremely good, very pigmented a little goes a long way.

I tried a really quick makeup look on Saturday morning.

In my household Saturday mornings tend to be controlled chaos tripping over toys followed by a trip to dance class with kiddo, the point here is I found the palette quick and easy to use the colours blend extremely well.

Here’s the make up look I created.


Being conscious of it being the daytime, I wasn’t going to a dinner party but more so a family day out (we had dreaded Christmas shopping to do after dance class!) I went for presentable subtle daytime look using the first four colours in the palette.

What I like most about this palette, the colours seemed to last well throughout the day. There was some wear however after four hours of Christmas shopping it didn’t look worn or washed out.

The palette usually costs £15 however at the moment it’s on special offer at £13.50, whilst this is a very modestly priced palette in my personal opinion you do get a good quality product for your money.

I plan to do a few more makeup looks soon and will definitely be incorporating the Ultimate Plum Palette.

Have you tried the Ultimate Plum Palette – what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading ….

N x

*Product sent to me to review, my opinions are honest and my own

FACE | MeMeMe Cosmetics

I dabbled a few weeks ago with a purchase from MeMeMe cosmetics. Not a brand I would have normally gravitated to before, however I had heard of them as brand through receiving a nail polish from a beauty box subscription that I used to be signed up to.

I was invited by MeMeMe to learn more about their products and also offered a 20% discount code.

Being inquisitive by nature and as the price point on the items were well priced I decided to snap up a few items that I liked the look of.

Tangled Ivy Dew pot – I love this colour! The dew pot really gives a great colour pay off, with a smooth and creamy finish.


Fire Eyes Quad – I have mixed feelings about this quad. Whilst I love the colours as their so unlike any eye colours in my collection, I was a tad disappointed with the finish. Not as pigmented as I would have like, as a WoC I did find I had to apply lot of the light bronze shade to get the finish I wanted.


Oh I’m in love – and this lipstick colour gives me life! This colour is called Berry Crush (exhales) it is beautiful… has iridescent shades of blue within its formulation of Shea butter, which really helps to lift the colour. The lipstick provides a smooth, satin and glossy finish once applied.


I have given the Quad and Dew Pot a try in the picture below:


All products that I purchased above came to £16 including delivery…. Bargain!

MeMeMe were also at the FABB Event I attended, where they gave out some superb goody bags!

Here’s what I received:


I have not tried out all items yet, but I am steadily making my way though!

I have given the Enriched Moisturising Face Base* a few tries…


This product doubles up as a face cream and primer (base) for your makeup, and really does help with allowing makeup to adhere to the skin well, it also gave my skin a more smoother appearance. The smell of the product is very zesty, it contains scents of lemon, orange, lime and mandarin. The product is made up of Beta- Carotene, Shea and Vitamin A which the description says helps to “rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate the skin”. It has a non oily, smooth and mattifying feel you really don’t need a lot. This cream doesn’t claim to be all the way natural – which is what I try to look out for and use – however as it was given to me I shall probably use it more so on occasions, rather than everyday where I need a ‘stay put’ makeup face as it’s definitely good for helping makeup keep it’s lasting power.


I have given the Blush Me blusher* a little swatcher-roo, whilst it’s a very pretty colour, I did have to apply quite a bit for the colour payoff your seeing in the picture. On first impression this blusher may fair better on lighter skin tones than myself – however I stand corrected until I give it a real try.


Twilight Bliss Dew Pot* again a lovely product consistency, so far I have only swatched it. I can imagine this will look lovely on a dark smokey eye look to set a bit of a contrast.


Yes! I was so pleased to receive this colour – Ruby Red, as when I ordered the products mentioned above I was torn between this colour and Berry Crush. I really love the finish of these lipsticks – versatile enough that I can wear it with a super shiny finish or can opt to blot it to give a non drying matt effect lip. I wore this lip colour over the weekend and the lasting power was great, I didn’t need to reapply and still had a good 50% of colour left on my lips by the end of the evening.

Of all the products I would say the Berry Crush, Ruby Red lipsticks and the Tangled Ivy Dew Pot are my favourites!

If there are any products you like the look of MeMeMe have again been so generous to offer another code: mememe25 – Valid from the 1st November to 30th which gives an amazing 25% off their full range. Put the code in once you are at basket.

If you have tried MeMeMe cosmetics before which ones are your favourites?

Thanks for reading ….

N x

* denotes PR Sample, all views are my own

LIFESTYLE | FABB Events Birmingham

I attended the FABB Event last Sunday, a chance to meet with some bloggers peeps I have met before and discover the wonder that is a FABB event.

I started my day with my two favs – Spinach and Feta Omelette and a Green Smoothie, just glad I had this as it turns out I didn’t eat again until very later that day.


I have known about my attendance to the FABB event for weeks now, however why is it whilst trying to be Mrs Uber organised I always seem to spread myself thin. Is anyone else guilty of this?

I was up early kiddo washed, clothed, fed and watered, the husb was having a fun filled day with kiddo, so it should have just been that simple.

Nope. In our household life doesn’t stop because I’m attending an event – weekly food shops still need to be ‘clicked and collected’. So trying to be smarty pants I arranged to collect said weekly shop at 10am, leaving me (in a perfect world) well over an hour to primp and prime myself….

Best laid plans and all that!

In all of my weeks of collecting my food shop the delivery man has always been there in his nice little van waiting for me….not this Sunday. Sods Law.

A frantic phone call to customer services (“I need to be some where” and “this is ridiculous!” and “how can he be stuck in traffic on a Sunday”) after 20 minutes later of time I will never get back…. By this stage to say I was a little panicked. Ha! Understatement….

Back home, shopping unpacked, Sunday dinner prepped, I rushed to get ready – this was military style dressing, makeup and hair. Right. Done…. Ready…..and out the door!

I arranged to meet Sarah, Vicki and Laura mentioned here at The Green Room in an area of Birmingham call China Town. I am normally never on time on this occasion I was…


I bought myself a cup of Peppermint tea with a slice of lemon whilst I waited. The ladies arrived shortly after and we headed down to The Custard Factory where the event was being held.

Once we arrived it was literally a ghost town in The Custard Factory, which is a rarity as I am usually used to seeing the place so busy.

We managed to find the event location in a space called Alfie Birds with the little help of ‘The Nail File Guy’ or so I called him (I cringe now) Tom Pellereau – The 2011 Apprentice winner. Thankfully he took no offence, shook my hand, said hello and helped us find the building.


The event was laid out across two floors, there were a couple of brands I recognised such as Tom Pellereau’s Stylfile, MeMeMe Cosmetics and Mallzee.

Mallzee – Personalised Shopping App

Stylfile – with the ‘nail file guy’ Tom Pelleareau

MeMeMe Cosmetics – Makeup/beauty Brand

Some which were new to me and I will be doing my upmost to find out more about, brands such as Bohdi and Birch, Style Edit, Style Skin and Bee Good UK to name a few.

Style Edit – Online Fashion Brand, I got chatting to the co-founders who were so lovely and engaging

Bee Good Uk – Natural skin care, with main ingredients from British Bees!(Honey and Bees Wax)

Bodhi and Birch – Natural skincare, the founder,the lovely Elijah Choo was so knowledgeable and really took the time to understand my skin complaints.

Style Skin – Luxury Faux Fur Fashion which was extremely high quality in feel and appearance

The goodie bag was uber generous from the ladies who hosted the event Ray and Tor.



I was also given lovely goodies bags by most of the brands and will feature some of the items on more upcoming posts – so stay tuned!

In summary I’m really pleased I attended as it’s was chance to connect with brands – not only for goodie bags, but for collaboration opportunities.

It was a really busy event so the opportunity to speak with other new bloggers was missed, however in the information pack contained with the FABB goody bags Ray and Tor took the time to give a full list of all of the bloggers that attended and their social links, which I thought was a nice touch!

By the end of the day a slight attack of the guilt hit me for missing out on a family day with The Husb and Kiddo, so on the way home I stopped off at Sainsburys and picked up an Apple pie with custard and copy of the DVD Frozen (for Kiddo).


Yes I know we are a little late to owning a copy of Frozen despite seeing it at the cinema a few months back…. Oh the shame!

If you visited the FABB event, what were your highlights?

Thanks for reading….

N x

FACE | G.Baldwins Natural Skincare – Part 2 Review

It’s been just over of month of using the *G.Baldwins Pomergranate, Bilberry and Rose Cleanser and Floral water, which is perfect timing to follow up and share how well I have been getting on with the products.


If you wanted to read my initial thoughts, you can do so here.

Due to the mesmerising scent of the cleanser, it was especially addictive and for this reason I took to using it pretty much every day for about 10 days straight. If I’m honest due to the richness of the product this was too much for my skin.

I have oily to combination skin, and at the time my skin was going through its own little situation of breakouts (I have since found this was mainly because I wasn’t drinking enough water).  I tailed back use of the cleanser to 2 to 3 times per week instead of every day, following this up with use of the Floral Water.

I changed the way I used the product I initially applied it to my damp face, worked it in with gentle circular motions and then rinsed it off.  Again I don’t think my skin really did benefited from this.  I adjusted – having my shower first, whilst allowing the steam from the shower to open my pores, straight after my shower I apply the cleanser to my ‘steam’ damp face, working it in with circular motions and then with a warm damp muslin cloth removed the cleanser with gentle circular motions.  Following this up with use of the Floral Water on a few cotton pads to freshen my face and remove any residue.

The overall appearance of my face feels a lot more smooth, balanced and my breakouts are now minimised and less angry – I might add not wholly down to these products however I do feel they have helped alongside increasing my water intake.  I also love the fact that the products are natural so the lasting benefits are definitely worthwhile for the skin cells!

Would I buy the products again?
A definite yes to the cleanser, the scent of the cleanser (as previously mentioned) is divine.  The Floral Water scent I’m not so sure of? I am also running out of the Floral Water a lot quicker than the cleanser mainly due to my heavy handed-ness!

G.Baldwins also sent me a lovely cloth tote bag with my products, I posted this picture on Instagram….


I have been using it to carry my yoga mat and clothes to my Yoga classes, super handy for storing sweaty yoga clothing after class too, and when I done I am able to give it a wash – Eco Friendly!

I have been eyeing up a few other products on the G.Baldwins website, so stay tuned for some other purchases I plan to share soon!

Have you got any top picks from G.Baldwins, I would love to hear your recommendations?

Thanks for reading…

N x

*Products sent to me for review, all opinions are honest and my own