BEAUTY: Dr Organics Hemp Seed Oil Skin Lotion – Part 1

For a while I’ve been suffering with quite dry skin.  Mostly on my legs and I have failed at finding a way of keeping the moisture over the past few months.  Winter is not my friend! 

I’m not sure if this product will improve the situation, but I’m giving it a go – so this blog post will be in two parts!
I purchased the Dr Organics Hemp Seed Oil Skin lotion from Holland and Barratt today (cost £7.59).  The skin lotion was introduced to me by a friend who gave me a little to try.   My initial thoughts….I liked the texture and moisture so thought I would give it a whirl! 

So this is just a short blog post this evening (it’s been a long day!) just to say… (Cue the arnie terminator style voice) “I’ll be back” with a full review of my thoughts as to whether I feel this skin lotion lives up to products claims and adds any improvements to my skin.

Have you tried the Dr Organics Hemp Seed Oil skin lotion.  If so I would be interested to hear your thoughts

Thanks for reading …

N x


FACE | Good Things Blemish Control Mask

I picked up a couple of lovely products on Thursday whilst mooching in the TK Maxx beauty section – one of those products being – Good Things Blemish Control Gel Mask.

I haven’t heard of the brand Good Things, which I think is one of the great things about shopping in TK Maxx, it has the potential of opening you up to a lot of brands that you may not normally have considered.
The product claims to help tackle blemishes, excess oil and spots – all of skin complaints I suffer with a bout of here and there.


I am normally a clay mask type of girl, so the fact that it was gel based I wasn’t too sure of, so I umm’ed and ahh’ed a little before finally taking the plunge.

However what finally sold it for me was the fact that the mask contains no Parabens, Mineral Oils, SLS’s and animal ingredients.  It’s also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans too.

The mask ingredients are made up of extracts mango and lychee, together with witch hazel – which is especially known for its calming and soothing properties, willow bark which I hadn’t known before is full of salicylic acid.  Salicylic Acid is kind of a wonder ingredient found in most products nowadays and is known for helping to remove excess skin build up by gently exfoliating the skin, and helping to unclog pores.  

After cleansing my face, I followed the instructions and applied an even layer all over my skin being careful to avoid delicate eye and lip areas.  I did get some of the mask on the top of my  lip, word of warning it does tingle quite a bit however it quickly eased once I removed it.

It’s a very cool feeling mask, which I was suprised by being gel based.  I have tried other gel based masks before and have found they tend to sit on the skin and warm to your normal temperature, which hasn’t really given me confidence that the mask is working its magic.

The blend of ingredients in this mask provides a very stimulating facial experience, the mask lightly tingles whilst it sets, I left it on for around 10 minutes and then removed it using my muslin cloth.

My skin felt lovely after use, absolutely no tightness whatsoever… I followed up with a facial oil afterwards.

This morning my skin feels great, again no tightness or overly greasy feeling – just really normal feeling if that’s makes sense. 

Recommended use of the mask is twice per week, which I’m going to keep up to see how I get on.  I bought the mask for £2.99 however I have since found out it is normally £4.99.  Other products from Good Things can be purchased from Boots and Sainsburys online or like me, go take a chance and have a mooch at TK Maxx! 

Also after browsing the website, price point on most other products ranges between £4.99 – £7.99 which is fantastic value for products which contain beneficial ingredients for the skin.  

Reading a little more on the website they talk about the products being aimed more at young skin – I would say don’t be put off by this, as in my view it’s never too late to start looking after your skin and granted whilst you won’t reverse the hands of time, you can with good diet, drinking water to stay hydrated and with maintaining a great skincare routine improve the overall appearance of your skin….

The Good Things brand was created by Alice Hart Davis, a British journalist and beauty writer for most of the well known newspapers and magazines.

If you have used Good Things – which ones are your favourite products and why?

Thanks for reading ….

N x

LIFESTYLE | FABB Events Birmingham

I attended the FABB Event last Sunday, a chance to meet with some bloggers peeps I have met before and discover the wonder that is a FABB event.

I started my day with my two favs – Spinach and Feta Omelette and a Green Smoothie, just glad I had this as it turns out I didn’t eat again until very later that day.


I have known about my attendance to the FABB event for weeks now, however why is it whilst trying to be Mrs Uber organised I always seem to spread myself thin. Is anyone else guilty of this?

I was up early kiddo washed, clothed, fed and watered, the husb was having a fun filled day with kiddo, so it should have just been that simple.

Nope. In our household life doesn’t stop because I’m attending an event – weekly food shops still need to be ‘clicked and collected’. So trying to be smarty pants I arranged to collect said weekly shop at 10am, leaving me (in a perfect world) well over an hour to primp and prime myself….

Best laid plans and all that!

In all of my weeks of collecting my food shop the delivery man has always been there in his nice little van waiting for me….not this Sunday. Sods Law.

A frantic phone call to customer services (“I need to be some where” and “this is ridiculous!” and “how can he be stuck in traffic on a Sunday”) after 20 minutes later of time I will never get back…. By this stage to say I was a little panicked. Ha! Understatement….

Back home, shopping unpacked, Sunday dinner prepped, I rushed to get ready – this was military style dressing, makeup and hair. Right. Done…. Ready…..and out the door!

I arranged to meet Sarah, Vicki and Laura mentioned here at The Green Room in an area of Birmingham call China Town. I am normally never on time on this occasion I was…


I bought myself a cup of Peppermint tea with a slice of lemon whilst I waited. The ladies arrived shortly after and we headed down to The Custard Factory where the event was being held.

Once we arrived it was literally a ghost town in The Custard Factory, which is a rarity as I am usually used to seeing the place so busy.

We managed to find the event location in a space called Alfie Birds with the little help of ‘The Nail File Guy’ or so I called him (I cringe now) Tom Pellereau – The 2011 Apprentice winner. Thankfully he took no offence, shook my hand, said hello and helped us find the building.


The event was laid out across two floors, there were a couple of brands I recognised such as Tom Pellereau’s Stylfile, MeMeMe Cosmetics and Mallzee.

Mallzee – Personalised Shopping App

Stylfile – with the ‘nail file guy’ Tom Pelleareau

MeMeMe Cosmetics – Makeup/beauty Brand

Some which were new to me and I will be doing my upmost to find out more about, brands such as Bohdi and Birch, Style Edit, Style Skin and Bee Good UK to name a few.

Style Edit – Online Fashion Brand, I got chatting to the co-founders who were so lovely and engaging

Bee Good Uk – Natural skin care, with main ingredients from British Bees!(Honey and Bees Wax)

Bodhi and Birch – Natural skincare, the founder,the lovely Elijah Choo was so knowledgeable and really took the time to understand my skin complaints.

Style Skin – Luxury Faux Fur Fashion which was extremely high quality in feel and appearance

The goodie bag was uber generous from the ladies who hosted the event Ray and Tor.



I was also given lovely goodies bags by most of the brands and will feature some of the items on more upcoming posts – so stay tuned!

In summary I’m really pleased I attended as it’s was chance to connect with brands – not only for goodie bags, but for collaboration opportunities.

It was a really busy event so the opportunity to speak with other new bloggers was missed, however in the information pack contained with the FABB goody bags Ray and Tor took the time to give a full list of all of the bloggers that attended and their social links, which I thought was a nice touch!

By the end of the day a slight attack of the guilt hit me for missing out on a family day with The Husb and Kiddo, so on the way home I stopped off at Sainsburys and picked up an Apple pie with custard and copy of the DVD Frozen (for Kiddo).


Yes I know we are a little late to owning a copy of Frozen despite seeing it at the cinema a few months back…. Oh the shame!

If you visited the FABB event, what were your highlights?

Thanks for reading….

N x

BEAUTY | Weleda White Mallow Face Cream and Lotion

Weleda products are still a firm favourite within my household I have blogged about this here, here and here.

What I love most about Weleda is the ability to use their products in the Baby range and not feel like I’m using a watered down version.

I have recently incorporated one of Weleda’s newest products – the Baby Derma White Mallow face cream into my facial skin care routine.  I received a sample of the White Mallow face cream when I attended the Weleda Insight Day back in June. 

I have been using the cream on and off for the past few months, more so as a treatment to soothe sporadic skin irritation that I get, it does a good job of calming my skin down a treat!



The face cream has no scent which isn’t a deal breaker (just something I have become too accustomed to with other products).  The texture of the cream is non oily and non sticky and leaves my skin feeling hydrated after use.

The ingredients found in the cream are natural extracts of White Mallow and Pansy which aid with soothing skin irritations, sesame and coconut oil which provides the nourishing moisture to the skin.



So here comes the exciting news! I’ve teamed up with Weleda for one of my lucky readers to win the Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Face Cream and Body Lotion.  

For your chance to win these amazing products simply fill in all of the required fields of the rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is open to the UK only, the lucky winner will be announced on Twitter and as a comment on this post.  The winner has 48hours to respond.

Please note you need to fill in all entries of the form below to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck! N x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Weleda Insight Day event

Yesterday was everything I expected it to be and more!

If you were following my Instagram and Twitter accounts I absolutely flooded my timeline with pictures and tweets about my attendance to the #Weledainsightdays.

As mentioned in this post I hinted about an exciting opportunity, and this was that… on Friday 13th June 2014 after a long day at work and a routine check of my inbox I stumbled upon an invitation to visit Weleda!  #Beyond pleased….#absolutely!

We were blessed with an absolute stunner for sunny weather yesterday, the invitation from Weleda advised to come casually dressed.  I opted to wear a crisp pale blue shirt with sleeves rolled up for a less formal look, paired with jeans (both pieces from Zara) and my comfy sandals (can’t remember where I got these from!).


I arrived on time for once, despite the traffic enroute being horrendous from where I live….

I arrived at the trademark pink Weleda building. Once I parked my car, registered, I received a very warm welcome from the staff at Weleda.  They are a real happy bunch of people (with amazing skin!), I figure it’s probably because they know they have pretty fabulous jobs working with amazing products in a beautiful setting and tranquil environment.


We received a friendly welcome from the Head of Marketing and the Itinary for the day – first stop a mini bus to Weleda fields.

We took a walk through the gardens where the flowers and plants are grown, and received a talk from one of the lead gardeners who was a fountain of information.


Past towering Birch trees…


Through the Spring Meadow…


Next up a demonstration on Calendula Tincture making …


Back on the bus to the HQ and a spot of lunch…


We received a fun but educational talk on the differences between mineral oil vs natural oil with a chance to try and test the differences, we were also shown an apple which had been cleansed using a very well know brand – which made the apple blemished to show the effects of how harmful unnatural products can be to the skin…


Then we had a chance to start playing and testing existing and soon to launch Weleda products….


Last stop, Weleda generously gave all attendees goodie bags … With a couple of their new soon to launch products to take home!



I also purchased a couple of items I have been lusting for too….I will be trying these out and sharing my thoughts in upcoming posts.


I cannot put into words, how impressed I was with the Weleda insight day, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and also got to meet a few other fellow bloggers which was also great too! 

To Weleda UK if you so happen to be reading this, thankyou so so much for allowing me the opportunity to visit, and learn some really invaluable information…

Thanks for reading

N x