LIFESTYLE| Baldwins Herb Art – Stomach Soothing Tea

The lovely people at Baldwins recently got in touch and asked me to be involved in their Herb Art campaign* called ‘Inside Out Beauty’. 

It’s the first part of a 6 month campaign which focuses on  De-Stress Summer, All About Autumn and Live Happy.


The Inside Out Beauty campaign focuses on how looking and feeling great starts from the inside out. The campaign reflects on how natural remedies and supplements can boost your wellbeing, in turn enhancing your confidence and happiness – with this theme reflected in the visual beauty of using herbs to create artwork.

I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get in involved, as last years Herb Art was pretty damn impressive take a looksey here!

I was sent my own personalised Herb Art card and some Herbs and then it was time to get creative!!!



Here’s my design…



Being an avid drinker of herb teas I fully appreciated this little task, the aroma of the herbs was absolutely gorgeous!!! 

The herbs I was sent where a blend of:

Chamomile Flowers

Peppermint leaves

Fennel seeds

Dried cut ginger

All the ingredients needed to make my own “Stomach Soothing Tea”

Perfect … Someone put the kettle on please!

To learn more about the campaign visit the Baldwins website for more details.

Thanks for reading …

Ps I plan to share details of my recent holiday and photos very soon!

N x

*Being an avid herbal tea drinker, I was not paid or gifted to write this post although I was sent the lovely package of herbs for the design. 



STYLE | Boots by Style Edit

Happy New Year!

Christmas seems so far away now – right?!

I thought I would share a new addition to my footwear collection purchased from a company called Style Edit.


Style Edit are an online store that sells Shoes, Bags and accessories. I met the lovely founders of the company at the FAB event I attended last year – two super friendly and engaging ladies who not only have a real passion for bringing affordable style items to the masses but also really engaging of the blogging community!

As is the norm shortly after our meeting, I started following Style Edit on my Instagram feed (my instagram name is ‘stylefacebeauty’ if your not already following me) so I could view any new releases and promotions ….

Then it happened…. the day I saw THOSE boots! Which happen to be called ‘Laura’.


I’m normally really cautious about buying boots online as I’m normally a ‘try on before I buy it’ kinda gal, especially as these boots were knee high, I was worried that they might be too baggy or tight in places and then if I had to send them back *sigh and eye roll* – however I just couldn’t resist buying them because ….
1. My wardrobe was seriously lacking a pair of nice black books,
2. I also wanted said boots to be knee high,
3. Dare I mention again they were affordable!

I decided to take the plunge, I purchased the boots with a 30% discount in the Style Edit sale, this sale is still on so I got the boots for £31.49 instead of the normal £44.99 – bargain!




The boots are a very good quality faux suede unlike anything I have seen so far and extremely well made, and well worth the price. The boots come packaged as expected in a box, but also with a dust bag to protect them whilst not being worn. The boots themselves have a zip on the inside leg and a split at the back with a discreet elastic banding right behind the knee which helps the boots to stay up but also provides the flexibility needed when walking, driving etc …

I have been wearing these boots most weekends since I received them, the initial creasing due to packing has since smoothed out and they simply mould to the shape of my legs, they are also super warm and the heel whilst not completely flat provides the right amount of height and real comfort – there’s no pinching or rubbing or achy foot arches here!

I received super fast FREE delivery, the boots arrived around three or four days after I ordered them on 23rd December – right in time for Christmas.

So as you gather I’m super pleased with my purchase. Style Edit are definitely a brand to keep an eye on if your looking for affordable and well made footwear, bags and accessories!

Have you purchased anything new in the sales – feel free to share below!

Thanks for reading …

N x

LIFESTYLE | FABB Events Birmingham

I attended the FABB Event last Sunday, a chance to meet with some bloggers peeps I have met before and discover the wonder that is a FABB event.

I started my day with my two favs – Spinach and Feta Omelette and a Green Smoothie, just glad I had this as it turns out I didn’t eat again until very later that day.


I have known about my attendance to the FABB event for weeks now, however why is it whilst trying to be Mrs Uber organised I always seem to spread myself thin. Is anyone else guilty of this?

I was up early kiddo washed, clothed, fed and watered, the husb was having a fun filled day with kiddo, so it should have just been that simple.

Nope. In our household life doesn’t stop because I’m attending an event – weekly food shops still need to be ‘clicked and collected’. So trying to be smarty pants I arranged to collect said weekly shop at 10am, leaving me (in a perfect world) well over an hour to primp and prime myself….

Best laid plans and all that!

In all of my weeks of collecting my food shop the delivery man has always been there in his nice little van waiting for me….not this Sunday. Sods Law.

A frantic phone call to customer services (“I need to be some where” and “this is ridiculous!” and “how can he be stuck in traffic on a Sunday”) after 20 minutes later of time I will never get back…. By this stage to say I was a little panicked. Ha! Understatement….

Back home, shopping unpacked, Sunday dinner prepped, I rushed to get ready – this was military style dressing, makeup and hair. Right. Done…. Ready…..and out the door!

I arranged to meet Sarah, Vicki and Laura mentioned here at The Green Room in an area of Birmingham call China Town. I am normally never on time on this occasion I was…


I bought myself a cup of Peppermint tea with a slice of lemon whilst I waited. The ladies arrived shortly after and we headed down to The Custard Factory where the event was being held.

Once we arrived it was literally a ghost town in The Custard Factory, which is a rarity as I am usually used to seeing the place so busy.

We managed to find the event location in a space called Alfie Birds with the little help of ‘The Nail File Guy’ or so I called him (I cringe now) Tom Pellereau – The 2011 Apprentice winner. Thankfully he took no offence, shook my hand, said hello and helped us find the building.


The event was laid out across two floors, there were a couple of brands I recognised such as Tom Pellereau’s Stylfile, MeMeMe Cosmetics and Mallzee.

Mallzee – Personalised Shopping App

Stylfile – with the ‘nail file guy’ Tom Pelleareau

MeMeMe Cosmetics – Makeup/beauty Brand

Some which were new to me and I will be doing my upmost to find out more about, brands such as Bohdi and Birch, Style Edit, Style Skin and Bee Good UK to name a few.

Style Edit – Online Fashion Brand, I got chatting to the co-founders who were so lovely and engaging

Bee Good Uk – Natural skin care, with main ingredients from British Bees!(Honey and Bees Wax)

Bodhi and Birch – Natural skincare, the founder,the lovely Elijah Choo was so knowledgeable and really took the time to understand my skin complaints.

Style Skin – Luxury Faux Fur Fashion which was extremely high quality in feel and appearance

The goodie bag was uber generous from the ladies who hosted the event Ray and Tor.



I was also given lovely goodies bags by most of the brands and will feature some of the items on more upcoming posts – so stay tuned!

In summary I’m really pleased I attended as it’s was chance to connect with brands – not only for goodie bags, but for collaboration opportunities.

It was a really busy event so the opportunity to speak with other new bloggers was missed, however in the information pack contained with the FABB goody bags Ray and Tor took the time to give a full list of all of the bloggers that attended and their social links, which I thought was a nice touch!

By the end of the day a slight attack of the guilt hit me for missing out on a family day with The Husb and Kiddo, so on the way home I stopped off at Sainsburys and picked up an Apple pie with custard and copy of the DVD Frozen (for Kiddo).


Yes I know we are a little late to owning a copy of Frozen despite seeing it at the cinema a few months back…. Oh the shame!

If you visited the FABB event, what were your highlights?

Thanks for reading….

N x

STYLE | Meet you at the Mallzee!

Today. Shopping. Fail – Im attending the FABB Birmingham event next Sunday and yes you guessed it I have nothing to wear.

I’m not even supposed to be shopping this month as I’m off on a little trip next month…. I will share more about that soon!

I spent a small part of today browsing a couple of shops, but being a Saturday the shops were just a tad bit too busy! Kiddo bless her was as good as gold, she did better than me and ended up with a few lovely items from Gap.

I have 7 days – no pressure… search continues and before I set my sights on the obvious choices like general web browsing, Pinterest etc I have found an app which ‘enables’ you to browse and BUY!

Mallzee is a personal shopping app, which is like a shopping centre or Mall in your pocket well actually on your smart phone…erm ……you know what I mean.  

Mallzee brings together all of your favorite highstreet, slightly higher end and internet brands in one place.

Not only this you can tailor and search for specific pieces for an outfit by creating what’s called a Style feed.. I created one called Blogger Event.

Here’s how…









I’m using this on my ipad – here’s how it works:

Swipe to the left you tell the app you don’t like the item, red thumbs down and the app keeps searching for more.  

Swipe to the right, green thumbs up – more of that please! The app serves you items similar to that style or theme of items you like….

Also if like me your a little indecisive, you can save items whilst you decide, however in the meantime the app keeps track and can alert you if the price decreases!

Guess what I’ll be doing tonight then? Swipe, swipe, swipe…

Thanks for reading …

N x

STYLE: Mixed Prints – OOTD

We’re enjoying a long weekend here in the UK, this due to it being the last official bank holiday until Christmas (yes I said – only 120 something days left!)

The weather whilst still slightly warm, is getting noticeable cooler. Here’s what I wore today…




Top – H&M 
Skirt – H&M 
Sandals – NEXT
Watch – ToyWatch
Bag – Louis Vuitton 

I hope your having a lovely weekend!

N x

BEAUTY: Summer Nails By Barry M

Just a quick post to share my love of this nail polish by Barry M.


It’s in the colour Lychee and I think it looks great!



It’s a versatile colour and looks great against print and block colour outfits. I also wore it on a night out for a post birthday meal with friends and the following day in this post.



What are you favourite summer nail colours? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Thanks for reading…

N x

STYLE: Hashtag Normcore, The New Movement!

You tell me?

Reading a copy of Grazia on Saturday I came across an article talking about this new style trend, craze, movement …call it what you like it’s the new style buzz word around the cool kids!

I also researched Vogue online to find out their take on it!

The history of #Normcore according to Vogue, this new styling is born out of William Gibson’s (science fiction writer) first painting which represented the look through one of his characters, which in short was referred to as a functional non descript dresser. Read more here about what Vogue makes of #Normcore.

It seems, no longer is it about flashing labels and dressing like your loaded, actually it’s about non descript un-identifiable bland fashion and bland in a good way … But overstated!

I’m thinking….Is this someone’s sick idea of a joke…. Secretly I like it and think its genius …. Am I weird?

How I would wear #Normcore….

The white trainer (sneaker), which must be whiter than white.

The denim jeans, or should I say the said jean of choice should be a Levi 501…. In my case it would be GAP jeans…..Oooo I love a good pair of straight cut GAP Jeans.

Plain white tee, plain pull over (black, grey, navy) …. Just un-identifiable nothing-ness and sometimes it’s nice just not to be a walking advert for brands!

Here’s some of my Normcore picks…. Which I am going to try not to mention where the clothing is from (although I a sure you can tell where some are from) in keeping with all things #Normcore and the unidentifiable…






Yes I know all very boring and bland looking….

Thanks for reading! x